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- Model 300 - Compressed Air, Single Nozzle Misting System



The Jetstream 300 is a compressed air, single nozzle misting system, designed for use in commercial kitchens, restaurants and take-aways. Used in conjunction with Odr, Air Spectrum’s odour neutraliser, it produces a very fine atomised mist, which is introduced into extraction ductwork or stacks, interacting with cooking odours and then neutralising them.The Jetstream 300 features a built-in compressor and requires a mains electricity supply.

The Jetstream 300 produces a compressed air stream and when used in conjunction with Air Spectrum's odour neutraliser Odr, produces a very fine mist that is sprayed into the extract ductwork or stackThe mist interacts with the odour particles and neutralises them.

  • Food and drinks manufacturing
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Take-away food outlets
  • Localised external applications

  • Dimensions 650mm (l) x 550mm (w) x 310mm (h)
  • Ultra sonic nozzles provide longer life, block resistance and   superior atomisation
  • Optional Pulse Control
  • Optional 7-day timer
  • Optional remote control system
  • 240 volt, 13 amp, 3 pin domestic supply
  • 7 day timer or remote signal operation
  • Manual on/off control
  • Indicators for low-neutraliser and low-water
  • Contains integral compressor and peristaltic pump
  • User adjustable dosing levels
  • 10 litre reservoir for Spectrum Odr Neutraliser
  • 10m nozzle line
  • CE marked

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