JF Máquinas Agrícolas

Model JF 9000 - Forage Wagons



JF 9000 was developed to become the final solution for the livestock farmer in forage harvesting and handling. JF’s technology brings a more effective forage distribution, saving time and labor spending. Its reinforced chassis is totally assembled with bolts, which helps in maintenance and transporting.

  • Tanden System
    • The wheels work independently in a tanden frame, decreasing the stress in the chassis, protecting the wagon on hard work conditions. It is simple and of easy maintenance
  • Uniform unloading
    • JF 9000 has an uniform side unloading which makes it ideal for filling silo bags. The uniform unloading provides a silo bag with lower quantity of air in its interior, resulting in superior quality silage
  • Back unloading
    • Done through the simple change of pins in the transmission and unlocking of back door
  • Reinforced chassis and sidewalls assembled with bolts
    • More durability and simpler maintenance

  • Technological advantages that improve the performance in the field
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Faster and easier handling of forage
  • Longer durability of wagon frame

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