- Filling Stations



Bale opening device: The ball opening device is available for different bale sizes. The bales can be loaded from three sides. In the device alone fits one bale of straw, but the device can be combined with an additional feeder table, on which several bales can be stored. On the device the JHminiStrø CUTTER can be mounted to cut the straw before it is filled into the robot.

Dosing devices for loose material
The 2, 5, and 9 m3 for chopped straw and/or sawdust are simple but sturdy constructions. They consist of an inclined bottom and a conveyor chain. The devices have a top shredder, which doses the bedding material into the robot. The 5 m3 device is also available in stainless steel for dried manure solids.

Sand dosing
For the storage and dosing of sand in the robot. The device can contain 7 m3 sand. The sand is filled in the robot via a rubber band. In the device can be stored enough sand for about one week. A hydraulic lid is offered separately for outside locations.

The JHminiStrø vertical mixer allows the feeding of roughage such as corn silage to sows and egg-laying hens. The mixing container of the mixer has a powerful, vertical screw for mixing the material.

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