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- Activated Bleaching Earth


The product is a high grade and high efficiency activated fuller's earth. It has all the advantages of the FILTROL in U.S.A., the TONSIL in Germany and the GALLEON in Japan, and the contents of heavy metal and arsenic meet the edible sanitation standards. The products also have strong ability of decolorization. The finished oil absorbed and refined by the product can greatly decrease the value of extra-oxidization, improve the absorption ability of ultraviolet ray and achieve a better stability. To industrial oil and edible animal or vegetable oil, it has also refining efficiency, especially, to Tung oil, Palm oil, Cottonseed oil and Soybean oil, with more excellent effect of decolorization.

The exchangeability ion (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc. )in montmorillonite which is acid activated are replaced and dissolved out by the little diameter ion , make both ends of the narrow passage of crystal increase and the surface area increase. Meanwhile, because hydrogen ion replacing octahedra or tetrahedron many price ion, have caused the electricity to shoulder even more. Make acid activate stone turn into strong active white soil with strong absorbing and discoloring ability.

Oil industry, Lubricating oil, gear oil, gear oil transformers, waste oil, diesel oil etc.make incomplete carbon value, gray,pink powder , water soluble sour alkali of lubricating oil reduce to the utmost point, in order to improve its durability and strengthen its anticorrosive ability. Edible oil trade, salad oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil, etc. it is used to get rid of different pigment, take off the strange smell , break away from the son (such as K+); absorb , separation of harmful substance such as aflatoxins etc.
Daily-use chemical industry trade is mainly used for discoloring ox, sheep oil which can make the products

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