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The above pigment are applied in following 5 areas:For printing ink:The organic pigment for offset ink printing. For solvent ink. For water based ink. Color paste including yellow, orange, red, violet, blue applied in water based ink Pigment content: 30-40% This color paste added water can be applied in different printing ink.

The products includes six series of different colors:
Pigment yellow 31 variaties: Y-1,3, 12, 13,14, 17, 65, 74, 75, 81, 83etc;
Pigment orange 2 varieties: O-5, 13;
Pigment red 36 varieties: R-2, 8, 17, 22, 23, 31, 48:1, 48: 2, 49: 1, 49253: 1, 57: 1, 63:1, 81:3, 112 etc;
Pigment violet 2 varieties: V-323 ;
Pigment blue 2 varieties:B-153 154 ;
Pigment green 1 variety:G-7.

For plastics:
Masterbatches including jet molding, thin filming and masscoloration.
a) Permanent yellow GG-175;
Permanent yellow HR-1183;
b) Bronze red C-75/82/58;
Phthalocyanine blue BGS-4330/4331/4332
For painting:
Pigments for general painting.
a) Light fast yellow 10G-151;
Permanent yellow RN-1165/RM-1175.
b) Permanent orange RN-182
c) Lithol violet red 2R-263
d) Phthalocynine blue BGS-4330
e) Permanent violet RL-3690

For textile printing:
Pigments for printing resin color (P.R.C)
(a) Permanent yellow GR-179;
Light fast yellow G-157/10G-151
Disazo yellow 10G-171
(b) Permanent orange G-181
(c) Permanent red F2R-221/F4R-261/F5R-257/FGR-2112;
Pigment scarlet red RT-217;
Pigment brilliant red R-222/222-1;
Permanent rose red R-223;
Red violet R-231;
(d) Phthalocyanine BGS-4331.
(e) Fast violet RL-3690

For rubber and writing materials
(a) Permanent yellow HR-1183
(b) Permanent orange G-181
(c) Brilliant red R-222-1
(d) Phthalocyanine blue BGS-4330/4331
(e) Red violet R-3501;
Fast violet RL-3690

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