- Eucalyptus Cuttings



Designed especially for  forestry seedlings, making sure the natural structure of  root development will be preserved through an  'open' wall structure for the roots to penetrate precisely where they want. The absence of a rigid wall (plastic cell/containers) secures a healthy natural root system throughout the tree's life as root deformation in the early stages of development has been taken out of the equation.

Forestry seedlings in a Jiffy-7 pellet are a breeze to plant, establish fast and have, over and over, proven to grow exceptionally well even under the most adverse conditions.

  • Designed for forestry seedlings and cuttings
  • ‘Open wall’ Jiffy concept promotes healthy root development
  • Unique Air Tray system improves root mass and stand rates
  • Cost effective
  • Air pruning of the roots helps all areas of crop

  • Always a uniform and consistent substrate mixture specially designed for propagation;
  •  Easy to handle at sticking and nursery stations;
  •  Due to a good substrate mixture and 100% air-pruning surface of the Jiffy-Pellets a better 'micro-environment' around the base of cuttings will promote better rooting;
  •  No clumping of roots at the base;
  • Very positive 'air-pruning' of roots increases root branching;
  • Very high root count;
  • Young vigorous roots (Physiological active roots);
  •  Well distributed roots (Better architecture of the root system);
  •  Quicker establishment and growth in the field after transplant;
  •  Better anchorage of the trees in the field during storms.

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