- Crossflow Turbine


Head (meter): 3 - 25. Flow (l/s): 30 - 250. Output (kW): 1 - 20. Built  from a kit. To be assembled in a basic mechanical workshop. Options: A completely galvanized turbine ready for installation; or the supply of an assembled and equilibrated rotor, with the rest of the machine in detached parts; or the supply of the whole turbine in detached parts.

  • Head (meter): 2,5 - 80. Flow (l/s): 30 - 600. Output (kW): 4 - 120.
  • 1 or 2 cells, allowing exploiting a large range of flows at high efficiency. 80 % (average efficiency)
  • Curved  profiled  steel  blades runner, embedded  and  welded  to  the  two  end  disks. Hot galvanized runner and hot powdered with a special hydro application epoxy resin, providing an excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance.
  • Self-cleaning rotor (insensitive with leaves, brushwood, etc).

  • Runaway speed limited to 1.8 x rated speed
  • Turbine casing in GG or GS cast iron, conferring to the casing an excellent longevity. Anti-corrosive bicomponent external coating based on epoxy resin.
  • The two shaft ends are similar and both can be used for power take off.
  • Specially profiled guide vanes
  • Hs max 3 m
  • Designed for continuous service

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