JM Innovations, Inc.

- Model 15 Or 30 Pull Type - Weed Waster - Sponge Wiper


Let the JM Weed Waster waste those weeds away. Uses: Small corn or any row crops, solid seeded soybeans, cotton, sugar beets, CRP, wheat, specialty crops, bermuda grass, turf grass, hay, pastures, etc. Excellent control of: Sericea lespedeza, musk thistle, hemp dog bane, milk weed, mares tail, canadian thistle, horseweed, tall water hemp, wild rye in wheat, volunteer corn, johnson grass control, red rice, etc.

  • Heavy duty constructed fram (heaviest frame on the market)
  • Universal joint welded to frame (not bolted on)
  • Heavy duty wheels with 1/4' spokes
  • Heavy duty mo-ped tires & thorn resistant tubes
  • 2' ball coupler (for a smoother pull)
  • Adjustable hitch for row or solid soybeans, hay crop, etc.
  • Offset hitch allows youto use ATV or tractor in row crops, keeps wiper wheels off crops
  • Full range height adjustment
  • Proven sponge wiping system -- 3' cellulose sponge with protective outer skin, surrounded by nylon net for longer life of sponges
  • Sponge will stay wet -- no guessing if it's too wet or dry (like other brands)
  • Puts the herbicide where you want it
  • 12 gallon poly tank -- yellow tank -- red frame
  • 6 needle valves on 30' or 3 needle valves on 15'
  • In-line strainer -- helps keep the system clean
  • Tank shut off valve -- when unit is not is use, also used as a tank drain
  • Folds for easy transportation or storage -- 15' folds in 5' sections, 30' folds in 10' sections
  • Criss-crosses over back center section, folds up into carrier arms

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