Model JM390 - Grain Harvester


The grain Harvester was developed JM390 for coupling the tractors with minimum power 75 HP. is an advanced design with technology, efficiency, quality and simplicity. Features adjustable platforms delivery option for harvesting two rows of corn with 45 to 90 cm spacings; grain platform with 2-metre cutting width to harvest soybeans, sorghum, wheat, rice and black beans; and dregs platform for other varieties of beans (optional). The beater rotor has trilhagem axial system composed of a rotor with adjustable Scouts pin worm involved by cylindrical sieve that in a single operation despalha, threshing and clean the beans. Dual tread tyres has 700x16-12 plies, head system air regulator for a better quality of grain cleaning, vibrating screen for the final cleaning of the grains (Cereal JM390 model component), bulk carrier with a capacity of 1300 litres equipped with worm screw and discharge spout driven by hydraulic system.

  • Corn platform
  • Grain platform
  • Bean Dregs Platform
  • Air regulator gasket
  • Beater Rotor
  • Discharge spout
  • Worm Screw of the bulk carrier
  • Hydraulic Actuator
  • Double Shooting
  • Bulk Carrier

  • Vibrating screen: makes the l f inal UK grains eliminating impurities.
  • JM390G component for cereals.

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