JM Innovations, Inc.

- Mini Floater Sprayers


Deluxe model specifications 45 / 47.5 / 50 / 60 foot booms. 60' hydraulic fold with 30' hydraulic boom height adjustment.

  • Adjustable width ridge riser axles, adjust from 90' to 120' centers, no telescoping tube within tube to rust or bind external clamping (prevents binding)
  • Comfort crank adjustable boom heights (23' up & down stroke). 45' to 50' to 60' boom
  • Side fold boom -- 45' to 50' to 60' boom -- manual fold
  • Spraying systems diaphragm check valve quick tee -- jet nozzle bodies (no drip). With 2 lb. Caps (fast response)
  • Quarter turn quick tee -- jet snap on caps. Booms double plumbed. Wide spacing turbo floods for pre-emerge work & larger tips available for top dressing nitrogen on wheat. Turbo flood tips are aimed at target at a 45 degree angle for residue penetration.
  • Bean blaster, twin jet tips, sprays two flat fan patterns, one 30 degrees forward one 30 degrees backwards for double coverage 110 degree angle tip for 100% overlap results in four angles of attack on 30' centers, unbelievable coverage makes the bean blaster excellent for all post products, foliar feed & burn down. Quick change between flood and bean blaster. Quick jet stainless tops.
  • Self-leveling boom with cast iron hinges (for long life)
  • Honda 5.5 hp engine with 650 high capacity pump
  • All boom sizes feature safety break away
  • Mud shield, keeps motor dry in wet fields
  • Electric solenoid valves (low amp) left, center, and right
  • Each boom section is center fed (no nozzle starving)
  • 200 gallon poly deep sump tank
  • Wide open tee agitation, sweeps across tank bottom with full time vigorous agitation (excellent for all types of chemicals)
  • Liquid only strained upon nozzle delivery (does not hamper agitation of heavy solutions)
  • Nylon strainer with stainless steel screen
  • Tire size 25' x 12' x 9' -- ATV high flotation tires
  • 2 inch ball coupler, & safety chain with grease Zerk (keeps ball greased while hooked up)
  • Adjustable hitch heights
  • Red frame -- yellow tank

  • Gooseneck hitch available for geo tracker, pick-ups, 6 x 6, polaris ranger, & JD gator special tires require special optional levee leaper axles 60' to 90' or 90' to 120'. High profile bar tires for 15' rows (works great for foliar feed & roundup) or low profile radial tires for flotation. Mt-3405 FII spray controller or 844 e spray controller foam marker tracks available
  • Tee jet guideline guidance system
  • High volumn plumbing for nitrogen application
  • Astro - ground speed control

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