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- Pickup Sprayers


300 - 500 gal. Tank (200 gal. Small truck) -- poly deep sump tank standard 45', 50', 60' self leveling boom or 60' hydraulic fold boom. Cast hinges for long life, each wing is double -- strength, the first 72' from hinge point, double folds for transport, tremendous acre eating capacity. Left, center, right, electric solenoid valves. Comfort crank adjustable boom (23' up & down stroke) manual fold. 5.5 Hp Honda motor & ace high capacity 650 centrifugal pump. Wide open tee agitation, sweeps across tank bottom with full time vigorous agitation.

  • Parking stands
  • Full length skid
  • Side swing boom for easy handling on manual fold boom
  • Quick fill
  • Quarterturn quick tee-jet snap on caps. Boom double plumbed. Wide spacing turbo floods for pre-emerge work & larger tips available for top dressing nitrogen on wheat. Turbo flood tips are aimed at target at 45 degree angle for residue penetration
  • Bean blaster, twin tips, sprays two flat fan patterns, one 30 degrees forward, one 30 degrees backwards for double coverage 110 degree angle tip for 100% overlap results in four angles of attack on 30' centers, 'takes advatage of the chisel effect'. Unbelievable coverage makes the bean blaster excellent for all post products and burndown work. Quick change between floods and bean blaster. Quick jet stainless tips. Boom center fed

  • Foam marker
  • Mt-3405 FII spray controller or 844 e spray controller
  • Tee jet guideline guidance system
  • Astro - ground & speed control

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