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- Premium Liquid Applicator


Ground Driven Pump -- John Blue LM Series (Pump Model 4955). Allows for accurate placement of fertilizer regardless of tractor speed. Coulter Injection. Lower Horse Power Requirement. Faster Operating Speed. Minimal Soil Disturbance. Accurate Placement of Fertilizer.


Spring Loaded -- Coulter Injection
Allows easy placement of fertilizer in rows. Check valve keeps fertilizer from leaking out on end rows, when unit is raised.

Heavy Duty Spindle
With 10 bolt hub & 14.9/R46 Tall Tractor Tread Tires 120' standard equipped on both tank sizes.

Heavy Duty Trailer Jack
Center mounted to prevent side shift when unhooked.

Hydraulic Fold Wings
With constant down pressure and gauge wheels to follow ground contour, can flex 6 degrees down or up.

2' Bottom Fill Standard
2' or 3' Top fill -- Optional fill faster with the top fill.

The JM Premium Liquid Applicator allows precision placement of fertilizer in a row; both COULTER Injection & Knife. Allows the operator to accurately place the proper amount of fertilizer in a row, regardless of tractor speed. The JM Premium Liquid Applicator is well built & designed to take the abuse of no-till operations as well as all the other types of field conditions.

Choose the best Injection System for your Application: Injection or Knife Injection

  • Field tough features:
  • 1000 or 1600 gal. Poly tank (with deep sump)
  • 9,11,13,15, or 17 coulters
  • 11 - 13, or 15 - 17 coulter unit can be used to follow 12 or 16 row planters
  • Coulter injection or knife
  • Front mount bar
  • Stainless steel -- liquid filled gauge
  • 14.9 / r46 tall tractor tread tires 120' centers standard
  • Ace 660 hydraulic pump with mt3405 FII
  • Hydraulic fold wings
  • Tractor / truck combination hitch
  • Safety chains
  • 30', 36' or 38&34; row spacing
  • Quick fill with ball valve
  • 2' bottom fill standard
  • 2' or 3' top fill (optional)
  • Heavy duty trailer jack
  • High floatation truck tires (optional)
  • John blue lm series pump (model 4955) (optional)

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