Weremczuk Agromachines

- Model 4 - Half-Row Currant and Berry Harvester



JOANNA-4 is a unique, pulled-behind, half-row berry harvester for black, red, white currants, aronia, gooseberry, saskatoon, haskap, wild rose, raspberry and fruits from other berry bushes. JOANNA-4 guarantees high performance, effective picking and a very good crop quality, with the minimum operating actions and constant working parameters. New cover and seal system eliminate fruit losses and increase cleaning unit efficiency. New ventilator system provides smooth air flow in a ventilator tunnel and a continuous stream of leaves and sticks.

  • Output 0,15-0,25 ha/h
  • Platform capacity 1150 kg
  • Number of shakers 1
  • Accuracy of harvest do 98%
  • Min. PTO power demand 30 HP

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