- Model 600 - Seeders



Many universal drills are characterised by a high weight and power requirement leading to high fuel usage. The JOCKEY 600 has a compact and simple design. It is easy to pull which saves diesel, is low wearing and is ideal on ploughed ground and into mulch seedbeds.

2800 l Seed Hopper
The seed tank has a volume of 2800 ltr. The large dimensioned pneumatic metering mechanism works precisely even at high working speeds. The fan is driven by a hydraulic PTO pump. Standard equipment is speed monitor, tramlines, hectare meter and tank level indicator. The seed distributor head is mounted outside of the seed hopper.

Sowing depth control
The sowing depth is controlled and adjusted by the STS roller. A three-row multi-hole bracket on the carrying arms allows shallow sowing for rape down to deep sowing for peas and beans.

STS Roller and following harrow
The practical STS roller is now used on most cultivators and drills make by KÖCKERLING. The stability at the rear of the drill is guaranteed by the STS roller. The open “U” profile of the steel ring fills with soil and the friction between the soil in the ring and the soil in the field keeps the roller turning. The “soil to soil” contact allows the STS roller to keep working in wet conditions. The spring loaded following harrow gives a further levelling and seed covering

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