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- Model 1590 - Box Drill


There are many ways to seed your fields and the John Deere 1590 Box Drill is perfect to handle all of them – from conventional-till to no-till, from grains to legumes, from plain grain to grass seed or even combination grain/fertiliser seed boxes.


There are three basic models of the John Deere 1590 Box Drill – with working widths of 3.0 m, 4.6 m and 6.1 m. All models offer variable row spacing, i.e. when one rank is locked up: from 19 cm to 38 cm on the 3.0 m, from 19 cm to 38 cm on the 4.6 m and from 25 cm to 51 cm on the 6.1 m. Whatever choice you make, you can count on consistent, high precision seed placement that saves you fuel, time and labour costs.


Your new John Deere 1590 Box Drill can be equipped with either a plain grain box or a combination box for simultaneous seeding and fertilising. Both versions come in various volumes, depending on the size of your fields. The versatile combination box can be set for 100% grain or 60% grain/40% fertiliser. A bin level indicator near the end of the box allows the operator to view seed level at a glance.

  • Working widths of 3.0 m, 4.6 m and 6.1 m
  • Variable row spacing
  • Single disk for all conditions: no-till, mulch-till, and conventional till
  • Hydraulic down pressure of up to 181,5 kg

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