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John Deere - Model 3955 - Pull-Type Forage Harvesters


Get better quality-of-cut while using less fuel. The 3955 Pull-Type Forage Harvesters deliver more tons of crop per hour while using less fuel.

  • Built-in knife sharpener
  • Cantilever cross-drive auger
  • Electric down-stop control
  • Electrohydraulic controls for easy control
  • Cutterhead Diameter: 18 in. (45.7 cm)
  • Blower Fan Speed: 722 or 1000
  • Cutterhead Speed: 850 rpm
  • Feedroll Drive Shift: Hydraulic, fwd, rev, neu

  • IntelliGuard metal detector protects cutterhead and livestock
  • Exclusive Dura-Drum cutterhead enclosed-drum design saves fuel, power, and money
  • Feedrolls, Dura-Drum cutterhead, Intelliguard
  • Allied equipment
  • Controls
  • Attaching units
  • Hitch and harvest lift cylinders

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