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- Model 600C Series - Corn Heads

Designed to match the most powerful combine Introducing the new 16-row 616C and 18-row 618C Corn Heads: Built with more rows and ready to perform at higher harvest speeds, so you can finish harvest sooner.

600C Series Corn Heads

Auto Trac™ Row Sense™

Get hands-free harvesting in corn with AutoTrac™ RowSense™. This innovative approach fuses two systems. Sensors on the corn head provide instantaneous ground-level feedback about the position of the rows, while GreenStar AutoTrac continuously steers the combine. Together, they keep the combine harvesting accurately on-row in all conditions – around curves, in down corn, and even across grassy areas or waterways.

Stalk Master Chopping System

Save time, fuel and labor by chopping and sizing corn stalks in one pass. The system features a single gearbox per row, along with two rotary chopping knives that spin at more than 2,200 RPMs. Available on the 606C, 608C, 612C, 616C, and 618C Corn Heads.

John Deere 600C Harvest Insurance Policy
The right equipment and insurance policy can make a big difference at harvest time.  That’s why John Deere Insurance Company offers the John Deere 600C Harvest Insurance Policy. It leverages your John Deere 600C Series Corn Head to help protect against production loss after wind damage. It’s a seamless partnership between equipment and policy. And it’s just one of the ways we provide risk options tailored to your unique needs. Learn more about harvest insurance.

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