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- Model 7460 - Cotton Stripper

If you're not on the row, you're losing valuable harvesting time. So we designed the cotton handling system on the 7460 Stripper to help you minimize the number of dumps required, unload faster, and get back to the field as quickly as possible.

  • Streamline air system increases cotton conveying capacity
  • Manual RowSense™ guidance system reduces operator fatigue and improves efficiency
  • John Deere PowerTech™ engine provides 140 kW (190 hp)
  • Dual trash chutes offer better disbursement
  • ComfortCommand™ cab provides optimum comfort and convenience
  • Basket compactor augers and raise/lower cylinders increase harvest efficiency
  • Remote basket rockshaft lubrication
  • Header rockshaft bearings improve reliability
  • Stabilizing cylinder provides support when needed
  • Vane compaction and unloading system provides greater load control
  • Cotton mass-flow sensors determine crop yields with beams of microwave energy
  • JDLink™ and Service ADVISOR™ increase productivity
  • Document and map cotton yields with GreenStar™ technology
  • Easily access operator controls
  • Field lights enable nighttime harvesting
  • Monitor machine functions
  • Onboard field cleaner improves turnout up to 8 percent
  • Separator and air duct louvers increases the life of cleaner parts, turnout, and productivity
  • Self-equalizing hydraulic brakes supply dependable braking performance
  • Cooling package helps reduce engine operating temperatures
  • Fuel tank enables a complete days harvest
  • Large, easy-to-read service decal
  • Transmission and final drives provide flexibility to match changing field conditions
  • Common hydraulic and hydrostatic reservoir provides convenience
  • Hydrostatic and hydraulic pumps improve performance
  • Main hydraulic valve maintains control of major machine functions

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