- Model ExactApply - Nozzle Control System


Spray droplet size is key to effective coverage and precision. It has to be consistent. It has to fit the crop. It has to applied at the right rate and pressure. Now you can choose the right droplet size for your application with ExactApply. The right drops for the right crops. With individual nozzle control, ExactApply delivers the precision at all spray speeds for better weed and pest control that allows you to manage any potential drift. Plus vary rates across the entire boom for greatly reduced overlaps and skips, especially around critical border areas, waterways or sensitive crops – while maintaining droplet size throughout the rest of the field for effective control.

New ExactApply puts you in control. With higher pulse rate modulation than other models, ExactApply expands the operating range of each nozzle at all speed ranges. With typical spraying systems, increasing spray speeds greatly changes the droplet output, increasing the risk of drift and compromising the quality of application. Not any longer. By maintaining consistent droplet size and rate, ExactApply delivers effective coverage over more acres in less time.

A 25% increase in flow* through the nozzle outlet compared to competitive models, according to tests. This helps you control costs and spray faster. No need to slow down or change nozzles to get the right rate.

Save 2 to 5% in herbicides or pesticides* with the individual nozzle control of ExactApply, tests show. With the old way, boom control sections were often 10-12 ft. (3-3.7 m) or wider. Now, you can control the output of each nozzle right down to the 15- or 20-inch (38-51 cm) nozzle spacing.

Nozzle switching feature allows you to switch between two pre-positioned nozzles on the go when conditions change. Just touch the screen in the cab to switch to a larger droplet size around critical border areas, waterways or sensitive crops – while maintaining droplet size throughout the rest of the field for effective control.

Sprayer turn compensation automatically varies the rate across the entire boom to greatly reduce input costs and possible crop damage while assuring you spray at the correct rate for the right areas. At headland turns, for example, the nozzles at the outer end of the boom spray at a faster rate than those nozzles closest to the sprayer to compensate for the difference in speed at that point of the boom.

Nozzle plug detection helps assure steady performance by alerting you to any interruptions in nozzle flow or an electric issue affecting nozzle body performance.

LED lights on each nozzle let you spray with confidence in low light or even after dark.

Fully integrated solution that functions seamlessly with the John Deere GreenStar 3 2630 Display. No other displays or buttons needed.

ExactApply is perfect for the sprayer control freak looking for exceptional precision and productivity. Ask your John Deere dealer for details.

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