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John Deere - Model S550 S-Series - Combine Harvester


The S550 S-Series Combine Harvester provide customers unprecedented performance and capacity in all crops and conditions. The unique single-tine separator system provides superior crop handling performance, high levels of productive capacity, and excellent quality of harvested grain. The S550 also has many built-in performance, safety, service, and reliability features to make harvesting easier and a less stressful operation for the small to medium size producer.

  • Push-button shift transmission provides ease of operation
  • Flexible cab options
  • High-performance S-Series EvenMax cleaning system
  • TriStream rotor designed for material handling
  • Isochronous engine governor enhances overall capacity and efficiency
  • 250-bu (8,900-L) S-Series grain tank


  • Tracks provide the ultimate ground pressure distribution
  • 480/80R42 wide-spaced dual tires offer increased footprint and stability
  • 520/85R38 and 520/85R42 wide-spaced dual tires provide increased flotation and decreased soil compaction
  • John Deere 36-in. S-Series Combine tracks
  • 580/85R42 dual tires
  • 650/85R38 R1W wide-spaced dual tires provide maximum flotation and minimum soil compaction
  • 800/65R32 and 30.5x32 drive tires provide excellent performance
  • IF800/70R38 R1W 182A8 drive tire provides better flotation and reduced ground pressures than comparable non-IF tire
  • 900/60R32 R1 or R1W drive tires offer increased floatation through increased sectional width
  • IF900/60R32 tire: an excellent single tire for S-Series Combines
  • IF1250/50R32 R1W 188B (Firestone) Tire
  • 900/65R32 R2 drive tires can be dished in or out without the use of axle spacers
  • Attachments, 230-mm, bolt-on access platform with single drive tires
  • Attachments, medium-length ladder
  • Attachments, short-length ladder


  • Powerful John Deere PowerTech Plus 6.8L
  • Distribute power through the main engine gearcase
  • Engine air scoop provides continuously clean fresh air to engine and engine deck compartment
  • Easy-access engine deck
  • Isochronous engine governor enhances overall capacity and efficiency


  • Comfort in all conditions
  • Enhanced external manual or electrical mirrors
  • Comfortable enhanced air-suspension seat
  • Leather instructor seat and active refrigerator
  • Improved lighting technology
  • Intuitive digital cornerpost display
  • Convenient and easy-to-operate controls
  • Flexible cab options
  • Easy-to-operate dual-tilt steering wheel/column
  • Compact overhead control panel
  • HarvestSmart feedrate control system
  • Increase productivity with JDLink Ultimate enabled for John Deere FarmSight Services
  • Reduced sound level reduces stress
  • Bosch sound systems make short days
  • Increased storage enhances operator efficiency
  • Better visibility means better harvesting
  • Interactive combine adjustment (ICA)
  • Attachments, smoker option for S-Series Combine cabs


  • 70-mm (2.75-in.) feederhouse lift cylinders available
  • High-capacity (35-L) reservoir used for S550 Combine hydraulic system
  • TouchSet hydraulics for all S-Series Combines


  • Air chutes improve airflow
  • Easily change positions of the cob deflector
  • Fine-cut straw chopper
  • Deluxe residue manual vane tailboard
  • Easily change position of straw chopper for storage and windrowing
  • Standard and widespread straw spreaders


  • Front axle and final drives provide high load-carrying capability
  • Ground drive system provides infinite speed range (three-speed transmission)
  • Ground drive system provides infinite speed ranges (ProDrive transmission)
  • Hydraulic brakes absorb high torque for better corner braking and increased reliability
  • Hydrostatic steering system reduces operator steering effort
  • ProDrive propulsion system automatically shifts between two speed ranges as ground conditions change
  • Push-button shift transmission provides ease of operation
  • Rear axle positions
  • S-Series rear axle available in adjustable tread


  • High-performance S-Series EvenMax cleaning system
  • Self-leveling cleaning shoe (SLS) maintains cleaning capacity on sloping terrain
  • Conveyer augers provide positive, even grain delivery to the EvenMax cleaning system
  • Equip S-Series Combines with deep-tooth or general-purpose chaffer and sieve
  • TouchSet automatic combine adjustment


  • Easy unloading on the go with 7.9-m (26-ft) unloading auger
  • Moisture sensor mounted on clean grain elevator
  • Extended-wear grain-handling system available
  • Rapid material movement with S-Series tailings return system
  • Easy unloading with the S-Series unloading auger
  • Beacon lights help to boost productivity and safety
  • Attachments, additional full grain tank sensor


  • Extended-wear separator package available
  • Dual-range separator drive is standard on S-Series Combines
  • Single-tine separation (STS) module provides maximum separation of threshed grain
  • TriStream rotor designed for material handling
  • Selecting the correct concave is key to combine performance
  • Discharge beater moves material quickly away from rear of separator
  • Variable Stream rotor designed for material handling
  • Attachments, concave insert bars for STS combines
  • Attachments, S-Series and STS large-wire concaves
  • Attachments, S-Series and STS round-bar concaves
  • Attachments, S-Series and STS small-wire concaves


  • Harvesting with GreenStar Harvest Monitor system
  • AutoTrac RowSense increases machine efficiency while harvesting corn
  • Documentation made easy with GreenStar Harvest Doc system
  • StarFire 3000
  • Attachments, StarFire attachment for S-Series Combines


  • Length and orientation of feederhouse provide excellent header visibility
  • CommandTouch multi-speed feederhouse drive provides extra high-torque drive capacity
  • Lateral tilt feederhouse with automatic self-leveling system follows varying contours of sloping ground
  • Adjust feederhouse front-tilting frame for all tire combinations
  • Fixed-speed feederhouse drive
  • Heavy-duty, variable-speed drive system
  • Quick-adjust feederhouse drum height
  • Single-point feederhouse latching
  • Electronically control feederhouse reverser
  • Feed accelerator and stone-trap system (FAST) provides smooth crop flow and disperses crop material evenly
  • Slip clutch handles high volumes of material
  • Conveyor chain drive
  • TriStream feeding designed to maximize performance and material handling
  • Feederhouse hooks provide unobstructed view during header hookup
  • Feederhouse safety side shields provide quick access to drive shafts and hydraulic hose connections
  • Feed accelerator slow-speed drive for STS combines

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