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Built on a reputation of providing the best features and controls, the Johnson Harvester is equipped with load sense hydraulics and independent flow controls for all functions, allowing the operator to adjust the machine for specific field conditions.

Frame and Ground Drive
Construction of the Johnson tomato harvester begins with a heavy wall tubular steel main frame that is rugged enough wheel hydraulic drive system is made from heavy duty components that provide maximum torque and ground clearance.

Three Weight Shaker
The heart of the Johnson tomato harvester is the patented Three Weight Shaker. Its features include: Curved vine rods and longer strokes which maximize recovery; adjustable shake rate and rotation speed for all field conditions and varieties; and vibration-free operation that results in less maintenance. Powered rotation and large weights eliminate brush plugging.

Suspension and Leveling
The front and rear axles are pivot mounted which eliminates twisting of the frame. The axles also are hydraulically coupled together which means the frame feels only half the rocking motion as the harvester crosses an obstruction such as a furrow. This design creates equal wheel loading which means speeds can be increased, particularly at the headland, with the header remaining level.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is a closed center pressure/flow compensating system. It delivers only the required flow and pressure to overcome a load or turn a motor and requires less horsepower with lower temperatures than other systems.

Standard Features

  • Engine: John Deere 225 HP 6068HF TIER III diesel engine
  • Drive: Hydrostatic with 4 drive motors and 3 speed ranges
  • Speed: 0 to 18 MPH variable both forward and reverse
  • Steering: 4 wheel power steering
  • Turning Radius: 13’ 10”
  • Wheel Spacing: 60, 63, or 66”
  • Tire Size: 1 3 x 24 Radial
  • Sorting: 2-way electronic dirt sorter, 30 or 32-channel
  • Separation System: Three Weight Shaker
  • Elevator: Adjustable to 60 or 66”
  • Fuel Capacity: 110 US gallons
  • Night Lights: 16 rectangular Halogen
  • Leveling System: Automatic machine leveling
  • Long-Life urethane coated shaker tines
  • Remove grease bands
  • Limited slip traction control system
  • Closed center hydraulics
  • Flow controls on sort belts
  • Frequency switch for soft starts


  • Air-conditioned cab
  • Rodweeder
  • Sickle
  • Turning discs
  • Auto header heights

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