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- Model CS 2171 - Chain Saw


A professional saw that has everything - lightning acceleration and a power-to-weight ratio that beats most. Turbo air cleaning, vibration damping with steel springs and a decompression valve that makes it as easy to start as a hobby saw. Chainsaws for professionals, landowners and homeowners Full-time forestry use: Professional chainsaw models. Sustainable and reliable chainsaws with powerful engines, quick acceleration and a generous torque. Ergonomically designed for everyday use. Part-time forestry use: All-round chainsaw models. Durable, easy to operate chainsaws with powerful engines, available in a number of sizes. Reliable machines built to handle many different jobs. Occasional use/firewood: Homeowner chainsaw models. Flexible and durable chainsaws with balanced engine power that is easy to handle. Includes both electrically-powered saws and lightweight, petrol-powered chain saws.

The most advanced machines designed for tough work and best performance.
Jonsered’s unique turbo intake air cleaning system removes up to 97% of the sawdust from the air before it even reaches the air filter.
Anti Vib 
Our system based on damping elements that provides one of the best vibration damping on the market.
Spin Start 
Spin Start reduce the resistance in the starter cord by up to 40%.
Magnesium crankcase 
Crankcase made of light and duranble magnesium

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