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- Model 4500/10C100 - Multi-Purpose Dump Trailers


The JOSKIN Trans-CAP tipping trailers are fitted with a hydraulic 1-part rear door and a central 500 x 500 mm grain chute (optional spout). A smaller grain chute (270 x 330 mm) with spout is also available in option. Still in option, it is possible to have a second grain chute mounted. In this case, both chutes are then placed on both rear door ends (not to be chosen with high tipping trailers). The hydraulic 2-part rear door can still be mounted on the whole range. The 500 x 500 mm grain chute is to be found on the right door. A second grain chute (option) can be mounted on the left door. A rubber part between the door and the body makes sure the assembly is as tight as possible for all transported material.

The body of any JOSKIN Trans- CAP tipping trailer is designed in such a way as to make the rear part 8 cm wider than the front part. The trans-ported material is therefore faster un-loaded when tipping.

The body edges on JOSKIN Trans-CAP tipping trailers are smoothed off by successive folds of the side sheets in order to limit the body/contents contact surface as much as possible when unloading. As a result, the friction strains are significantly
restricted too. The body is tipped by a telescopic cylinder with large dia-meter, which is precisely fastened at the centre of gravity on the front part of the chassis. This solution provides the trailer with an optimal tipping angle, reduces the stress to the body and makes the vehicle as stable as possible.

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