- Model 755 - 60 - Hooker Aerator


The JRCO Hooker Aerator, used for years as a front-mounted attachment for landscape aeration, is now available in a 60', five head tow-behind version.The soft-plug style of aeration is ideal for golf  fairways, sports fields or anywhere true plug aeration is needed, without the messy compacted core clean-up of a hollow tine aerator. The JRCO Hooker Aerator is many times faster than traditional hollow tine aerators, and is low maintenance with few moving parts and no engine.

The tines pierce deep into the soil, hooking and lifting loose plugs of dirt that disperse on the surface, spreading nutrients over the surface. The turf can be played immediately after aeration. Some operators choose to pull a drag over the surface one to three hours after aeration to smooth the aerated surface. Use it in combination with over-seeding for renovating distressed or diseased turf. Holes are approximately 1/2' wide by 1-1/4' long and up to 3' deep. Soil volume removed is comparable with a 5/8' hollow tine core.

The Hooker tow-behind aerator comes complete with a two point hitch, rigid frame and swiveling caster wheels that allow the aerator to track directly behind the tow vehicle and prevents jackknifing when backing up. The aerator caster heads swivel, allowing them to turn while aerating. The ten floating rotor heads lift independently over rocks and other obstacles, while the other heads continue to aerate. An electric actuator lifts the heads into the transport position. Two sight flags help the operator to see when the heads are fully down in the aeration position.

  • Aeration Width : 60'
  • Aeration Pattern : 5' x 6'
  • Hole Size : Approx. 1/2' wide x 1.25' long, up to 3' deep
  • Tines : 3/8' wide x 3' long hardened high carbon alloy steel
  • Shipping Weight : 270 lbs.
  • Width : 61 in.
  • Length : 39 in.
  • Height : 16 in.
  • Warranty : 90 day limited

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