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Saving money: With a capacity of up to 9000l, the Jumbo brings you autonomy, using only one operator and one tractor for your spreading operations. Buy a Jumbo is cheaper than buying a trailed spreader. The accuracy of your carried fertilizer spreader and the autonomy of your trailed fertilizer spreader. Save time loading you spreader with less man holding and machines.

  • Efficiency: No time wasted for loading. The chain conveyor allows very fast filling of the spreader.
  • Precision: You preserve the spreading quality, no modification is needed on your usual spreader.
  • Versatility: The Jumbo Fertilizer cart may also be used to fill your cereal drill.

The spreader can be uncoupled from the Jumbo in just five minutes. The Jumbo Fertilizer cart, it's only one operator, only one tractor for one spreading operation.


  • Transform a carried fertilizer spreader in trailed fertilizer spreader.
  • Fill tank drill


  • The fertilizer spreader is hitched to the rear of the tanker Jumbo. It is driven by a PTO, or hydraulic depending on the spreader.
  • Redler at the back of the Jumbo is hydraulic driven.
  • By operating the redler, the operator reloads the fertilizer spreader.
  • An inverted pyramidal hopper allows complete emptying by redler.
  • A mirror on the top of the redler, to see the level of fertilizer in the hopper of the spreader, from the cab of the tractor
  • Large diameter wheels provide excellent climbing ability, and limit the traction and soil compaction.


  • only one tractor and one operator are needed for spreading operations.
  • Non stop spreading even while refilling.
  • Accuracy and quality of spreading of your carried spreader.
  • Versatility, the Jumbo can also be used to fill the hopper of your drill.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Hopper capacities from 4000 to 9000L fitted with a sieve in the bottom of the hopper.
  • Redler width 400mm with a flow rate of 50T / h.
  • Hitch fertilizer spreader with adjustable height (600 to 800mm) and width (780 to 820mm) in order to suit to all types of spreaders.
  • Hydraulic brakes, 5 wheel sizes available (from 16.9 to 30.5X32).
  • Mechanical crutch (hydraulic crutch on 9000L capacity).
  • Sealed bearings, stainless steel bolts and special paint (3 layers).
  • Width tracks 1m80 or 2m00.


  • Spring suspended drawbar.
  • Hopper tarp.
  • Equipment 'seed' to refill a grain drill.
  • Hydraulic stand on 4000 and 6500l.
  • Special track

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