Spedo F.LLI S.r.l

- Model SRPA-1/J - Elevator Potato Digger



The  Elevator  Potato Digger  JUNIOR has been designed to pick early  and  very delicate potatoes. The potato digger pickup consist of a system  comprising:  3-blade share,  a swinging  feeler  roller for adjusting  the digging depth and grass-cutting discs.The elevator-sieving  belt is large  600 mm. with  features intercalated bars to avoid rolling and peeling. The  selection platform  consist of  a  large belt  (850 mm.)  divided on the ateral sides by 2 plates to allow  sorting of potatoes.On the  centre of the belt  are conveyed  the tubers and the dug up  material (earth, stones, leaves etc.).

The  personnel, positioned on the  either  side  of the table, manually  sort the potatoes and transfer them  to the lateral sides of the belt. The picked product  is conveyed into containers (bags, crates, boxes)  placed  on special supports  located to the rear of the machine.The 2 belts  are hydraulically  driver.

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