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Model Juno - Feed pusher



With 2 cows per feed place the demand for constant feed availability is high. The Lely Juno feed pusher is the solution.” It is well known that continuous availability of fresh fodder results in increased dry matter intake and increased milk production. In addition, frequent feeding has a positive impact on general animal health. Quite often, labour is the limiting factor in making fresh feed available to cows around the clock. Thanks to the Lely Juno, this problem is a thing of the past.

With the introduction of the Lely Juno feed pusher, Lely provides you with the ultimate solution. The feed pusher moves along the feeding alley automatically, thereby following the feed fence. When in operation, the machine pushes the feed towards the feed fence without disturbing the cows. Since the Lely Juno is a stand-alone machine, barn modifications are seldom required, and it can be used in almost any type of barn.

Constant availability of feed stimulates cow traffic and increases the dry matter intake (+3.5%), especially during the night; in addition, feed residues are reduced.

Every farm is different, and every feeding alley is different. Today there are two models: the Lely Juno 100 and the Lely Juno 150.

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