Model Juno - Automatically Feed Pusher System



Pushing feed yourself is now a thing of the past. Using the Lely Juno you can program a number of routes through your barn. The software program that goes with it ensures that the correct route is followed at the correct time. This makes a difference of an average of 180 man-hours a year that can be used for other jobs. It also saves fuel because you no longer need a tractor to push feed.

Higher milk yield

A well-fed cow with the right nutrients delivers more milk in the tank. With Lely Juno, feed is always within reach so cows can eat at any time of day. Because of this increased activity, visits to the Lely Astronaut increase. Alongside higher milk yield, this also saves you considerable time because you have to bring fewer cows to the milking robot.

Optimal rumen health and growth

A Juno provides a clean feed alley and feed within reach of all cows in the barn seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Every cow, even those lower in the hierarchy, can eat the ration it needs for optimal rumen health and growth.

Less feed waste

With regular feed pushing, the amount of feed waste is reduced by an average of 75 percent. The capacity of your feed fence is therefore also increased because feed is always within reach. Selecting feed is almost impossible, so the cows are encouraged to eat all of it. Even the cows that are lower in the hierarchy consume exactly the right amount of nutrients. Intake of dry feed also increases. This allows you to get more out of each cow that you feed.

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