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- Model 3000 JC Star XL and HKL 4000 JC Star - Combines



As hinted by its name, Tume Jyräkombi combines two work stages: seed sowing and harrowing. This immensely popular model has been upgraded throughout the years with added technology, functionalities and accessories. Our status as pioneers of cultivation technology and the solid retail value of our products guarantee a positive outlook. Jyräkombi is the market leader in its class in Finland. Jyräkombi’s well-defined and reliable design makes it easy to use. The machine can be accessorised for various applications. The reasonable pricing of Jyräkombi makes it a sensible choice of various types of agricultural applications.

  • Large, modifiable hoppers for seed-sowing-only application in organic agriculture
  • Even rolling pressure along the entire working width
  • Rotation tests can be performed effortlessly from the side of the machine
  • Standard equipment includes a rear harrow that produces optimal harrowing

  • Hydraulic markers
  • Makes the driving line for next pull, don’t need to estimate.
  • Computer AgroCont / AgroContPlus
  • Axles rotation control, level control of the hoppers, control of the markers, makes the tramlines for spraying, hectare counter and function of rear harrow. AgroContPlus includes also the fertilizer adjusting.
  • Wheel track eradicator
  • Cultivates the tracks of the tractor wheels.
  • Micro granulate unit
  • Put the start-fertilizer to the same row as seeds.
  • Grass seed unit
  • Possible to drill grass seeds simultaneously with grain seeding and fertilizing.
  • Intermediate wheel packer
  • Press the field surface between the tractor wheels.
  • Agitator for fertilizer and seed
  • Ensure the material flow to feeding units.
  • Hard metal wearing parts for fertilizer coulter
  • Multiple lifetime.
  • Ceramic wearing parts for seed coulter
  • Multiple lifetime.
  • Special drawbar
  • Suitable with Tume CultiPack harrow and also with power harrows.
  • Hydraulic front levelling board
  • Finish the surface of the field for drilling.
  • Hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment
  • Possible to adjust the coulter pressure while driving.
  • Extra front steps
  • Makes the filling of the hopper easier.
  • Hydraulic cylinder of the drawbar
  • With this cylinder you can lift the front side of the drill, e.g. to help the soilflow to pass the coulters.
  • Self operating tarpaulin
  • Makes the opening of the hopper easier.
  • Hydraulically operated rear harrow
  • You can leave the rear harrow down, when drill is lifted up. Covers the wheel tracks in turnings.

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