- Z-Crane 6.1 m



K.T.S Maskiner presents a new and foldable crane type. This is an introduction of new thinking in the 6.1 m Z-Crane. The whole idea of the Z-Crane is that it is not supposed to be in the way while driving and that you should be able to tip the loading platform with the crane in parking position. The picture above shows the K.T.S Z-Crane mounted on a trailer from Utnäs Industri, but it can be mounted on most makes and types of trailers. K.T.S Maskiner is the only manufacturer in the Nordic countries of this type of crane.

The purpose of this information is to give you an overview of our well-thought out constructions.

Focus on the customer
We are always focused on customer requirements when designing and developing our products. Through continuous surveys we have received wishes for a crane that is not in the way on the platform. On the basis of, among other things, this material we have built and further developed the K.T.S Z-Crane.Now the final choice is yours, as the customer. We look forward to seeing you as yet another satisfied customer and owner of K.T.S equipment.Any questions? Please call us! We would be pleased to assist you, both before and after buying K.T.S equipment.

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