- Model 10.6 - 13.0 Ton - Timber Trailers with Double Frame



Owning forest also means taking care of it in order to maintain and increase the value of the property. What is it worth to you to take care of windfallen or dry trees, wood etc. when it suits you and your forest best? Does that mean freedom to you too? The K.T.S Crane and the K.T.S Trailer are designed to work together as a hard-wearing complete unit. Lifting timber with the grapple loads every part of the entire vehicle. Some of these loads are transferred to the ground through the support outriggers, while others load different parts of the crane and trailer, before finally being transferred to the ground through the bogies, axles and wheels.

FEM (Finite Element Method) design ensures that all components of the crane and trailer are carefully matched to each other in terms of strength. This avoids, on the one hand, an excessively heavy trailer and, o the other, a trailer that is light but which will have only a limited life. Which is the cheaper in the long run - a strong trailer with a long life, or one that lasts only a few years?

When you go to the forest with your K.T.S Timber Trailer you are very well-equipped. It has a combination of strength and high quality with a strong frame and generously-sized joints for the steering mechanism. Bogie frames, axles and wheels all work together to provide many years' service in carrying heavy loads. High ground clearance and large wheels reduce the risk of damage to the ground or growing plants. The comfort joint makes it possible to place the grapple close to the gate, in order to have as low a centre of gravity for the crane as possible. A low centre of gravity means that the trailer will not overturn easily.

The K.T.S Crane does not only have great flexibility - it is also extremely strong!

Strong cranes make the forces acting on the slewing house, 3-point hitch and support legs almost incredible when handling large logs. Then, it is safe for you as the owner to know that the equipment will stand the test.

K.T.S means quality and strength, right down to the smallest detail

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