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The idea behind the K.T.S timber trailer concept is that the crane and the trailer should be as versatile as possible. An investment which enables you to load timber, dig and cut roadsides constitutes a greater value. You could use your investment for many purposes and all year round.The comfort joint makes it possible to cut in all positions, downhill and uphill, using the full length of the crane and staying close to the tractor.The cutting head has a working width of 1.33 m. It is manufactured in Italy and it is the same as is used for our flail mowers. How coarse bushes can the K.T.S Arm Cutter handle? It can handle bushes that may be bent with 'some force'. Look at the pictures and you will have some idea.The rotor is run by a powerful hydraulic engine. Three belts transfer the power to the cutting rotor. K.T.S has chosen three belts for the 1.33 m operating width in order to avoid problems caused by skidding.

  • Reach to the outer edge of the cutting rotor 5.95 m
  • Working width 1.33 m
  • Total width of the cutting head 1.47 m
  • Number of Y-flails on the cutter 20 pairs
  • Flow on the pump running the cutting rotor 127 l/min when PTO runs at 1 000 rpm
  • Volume of the tank for the pump  120 litres
  • Sight glass for level checks Yes / standard
  • May be equipped with hammer flails Yes / extra equipment; please keep in mind that a hammer flail is always more sensitive to rocks regardless of which arm cutter is being used
  • Diameter of the cutting rotor shaft 125 mm
  • Sweeping diameter of the Y-flails 505 mm
  • Adjustable support roll Yes / standard, adjustable in 2 positions
  • Diameter of the support roll 125 mm
  • Adjustable support runners Yes / standard, adjustable in 2 positions
  • Rock release Yes / standard, with a gas accumulator on slewing and 1st boom
  • Driving between gear box and cutting rotor 3 belts
  • Cutting rotor, number of revolutions 2 160 rpm
  • Recommended power of the tractor; not only the engine power is important here, but also the weight, thus those are approximated values 80 kW / 110 hp
  • Weight of the crane including the cutting head, 3-point lift and oil tank with oil, without support legs 1 085 kg

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