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K.T.S Stone Forks come in four different sizes, and they are all made of weldable Swedish special steel from Ovako, Smedjebacken, Sweden. Both design and choice of materials have been made in order to maximize quality and durability. Bolted and exchangeable attachments make it easier and cheaper the day you buy a new tractor. This also makes it possible to mount attachments so that the stone forks can be used in the 3-point hitch both at the rear of the tractor and at the front lift. The smallest one is specially designed for smaller loaders and skid-steer loaders, and the largest one with its short bottom is very suitable for front lift usage.


The front edge of the stone forks is reinforced in order to make it withstand heavy strain. The front horns on all K.T.S Stone Forks are exchangeable. The picture above shows a 2.4 m stone fork, which is no longer in production.

Our stone forks have extra large stone containers, so that you will not have to empty the fork too often, a fact that means less crossings of the field. The lower part of the stone container is higher than the horns. This means that when the fork is levelled to load the next stone, the lower part of the stone container will not touch the ground, which in turn means that wear and consequently also costs will be reduced. The picture above shows a K.T.S Stone Fork 2.0 m.

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