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Model K-Type - Leaf-crushing Combine Cultivator


K-Type is related to Cummins engine. G-Type is related to domestic engine. Other parameters is essentially the same. 1GFH-250 Leaf-crushing Combine Cultivator Introduction.  The current cultivation model is a combination of variety of large, medium and small tractors and a variety of ploughs, harrow and other kinds land preparation tools. Over the years, in the agricultural machinery industry uses the model of “driven by a tractor, tools work with a tractor” to produce variety of cultivation tools. The traditional agricultural machinery cultivation procedure is straw burning, plowing, harrowing and earth row opening. In this way there are some shortcomings as below.

1. Not environmental due to straw burning.
2. Cultivation process needs to change tools, which is a waste of time, particularly in the rainy season,
3. One piece of land needs to roll several times, which is a waste of fuel oil.
The design and manufacturing concept of 1GFH-250 new type cultivator is keeping pace with the times. 1GFH-250-driven cultivation is developed basing on our long-term development and exploration of mechanized farming practice. In the mechanized farm practice, we found that the objective needs of the crop in fact, is land preparation. And farm implements are the key to soil preparation. So we design agricultural implements according to the requirements of land preparation and choose mating power drive for our agricultural implements. With such an innovative concept, we independently develop “1GFH-250 new large-sized cultivation machinery”.
The design concept of 1GFH-250 breaks bondage of traditional concept, in which the farm implements only act as supporting and mating part of the tractor almost a hundred years in the world. With the new concept, the tractor power drive structure can be changed to decrease the manufacture cost of power drive mating large size farm implements, and land preparation procedure can be simplified to increase work efficiency and save mechanized farm tractor-plowing costs. By changing the power structure, the level and personified requirement of agricultural implement can be enhanced as well as the function and usage of agricultural implement. In this way, the problem of traditional cultivation method can be resolved. Therefore, our product development is a very important innovation for large tractors and farm machinery industry, the development and promotion of the use of our equipment not only to subvert the traditional farm patterns, but also benefit energy-saving mechanized farm, environmental protection, improving soil.
Machinery Description
New type “1GFH-250” applies many new patents technologies such as, “Cultivation Machinery” ”Multi-power output gearbox” “vibration-reducing walking chassis” and “axle hitch mechanism” and combined deep-spin tiller etc. it is mainly for land cultivation and preparation. Its power drive can be equipped with other kinds of large size farm implements or other tractor-trailers, and it can also be used as mating power for generators, air compressors, large pumps and other machinery for land tillage or multi-use tractor-trailers and other farm usages. Therefore, it can satisfy both the requirement of mechanized farm industry, and the requirement of national environmental protection, energy, encouraged industry. “1GFH-250” can do cultivation and leaves returning soil together. That is, “1GFH-250” can accomplish sugar cane leaf returning field, 30-35cm deep plowing, pulverizing and furrowing and other procedures of the whole land preparation work.

1GFH-250 new type cultivation machine consists of walking power machine and combined deep-spin tiller. With its cross-country chassis, it has 260 hp power, which is plenty of power. It is comfortable and easy to operate in such humanized cab with an air condition and a sleeper. It is adaptable to terrain due to its four-wheel drive, hydraulic direction control and flexible U-turn. Minimum work speed is 1.6km per hour, and maximum work speed is 6km per hour. Maximum road speed is 70km per hour. The tillage width is optional from 2.5 to 3.5 meters.

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