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Model K50 - Measurement Systems



K50 is the easiest way to make the measurement of land in agricultural processing.

  • Measure agricultural plots in m2, km2 and acres
  • Control of the area of the parcels than the declared values
  • Automatic calculation of the yield of a plot as a function of € / ha
  • Calculation of the amount of fertilizer to use / buy
  • Calculation of the crop
  • Mapping the property with saving all files
  • Measurement of the corrected displacement of the point on the sideline
  • Measurement of the perimeter
  • Measurements of distances
  • Export data in DXF and agriCAD PC
  • View the map
  • To record in automatic mode
  • Can be used on foot, in the car, on the tractor, 4x4, etc. ..

  • Easy
  • Simple
  • GPS inside
  • Cheap
  • Area measurement
  • Mapping
  • Save data
  • Calculation €/hectar

  •  Easy
  • Simple
  • GPS receiver inside
  • GPS antenna outside with high accuracy 42 channels
  • Area measurement
  • Mapping
  • Save data
  • Stake out
  • Automatic/manual rec
  • Perimeter offset for precision area count
  • Save data, export DXF, print map

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