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Our crushing roller mill is used for crushing natural food and feed mixtures. The two counter-rotating rollers crush the respective product so that small particles are produced with low fines content.

The structure of the animal feed is important for a successful animal nutrition. Our crushing roller mill is used to obtain a homogeneous and high quality feed structure. Its rollers break the feed into small and uniform particles so that a coarse granulate is produced instead of a mealy product.

The counter-rotating crushing rollers are provided with a 'sharp to sharp' corrugation and have different speeds so that a cutting effect is obtained instead of a crushing effect. The speed of the rollers and the grinding gap can be adjusted during operation. Our crushing roller mill WSB is very appropriate for grain and other feed components.

Process Sequence

Two corrugated and counter-rotating rollers with different rotating speeds crush the respective product. Crushing is reached by a combination of shear stress, cutting and pressure. The corrugations of the roller can be adjusted individually. It must be considered that the roller diameter influences the product feeding and the size of the grinding zone and that multi-stage grinding with upstream screening results in a better particle size distribution.

  • We offer three different designs
  • You receive a narrow particle size distribution
  • The crushing roller mill features simple gap adjustment and easy roller change
  • Compared to our hammer mills, the power consumption is about 50% lower
  • You can count on low wear and smooth operation
  • Our crushing roller mill is particularly useful for crushing cattle, pig and poultry feed. But also for wheat, oats, peas, maize, rapeseed, barley, beans, lupins and soya

  • The capacity is between 10 and 60 t/h - the drive power lies between 22 and 55 kW.
  • Our rollers are 1000 mm or 1500 mm long, have a diameter of 300 or 400 mm and are made of special steel (chilled cast iron).
  • The motor is equipped with V-belt drive and gearbox.

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