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In order to avoid protein recovery from fish meal, the companies F. H. SCHULE Mühlenbau, HOSOKAWA ALPINE and AMANDUS KAHL have jointly developed a process for protein recovery from legumes.

F. H. SCHULE Mühlenbau, HOSOKAWA ALPINE and AMANDUS KAHL have made it their business to find an environmentally friendly solution in the recovery of proteins for feed concentrates. The recovery from legumes instead of fish meal is not only an innovation, but also much more economical with regard to the production of feed concentrate. Legumes are less expensive, fast growing and almost infinitely available worldwide.

Each of the three companies can rely on long-standing experience in their sectors. F. H. SCHULE Mühlenbau manufactures machines for cleaning, sorting and shelling. Defined separation of shells and fibres of the legumes kernels ensures an economical process.

HOSOKAWA ALPINE takes over fine grinding of the legumes as well as separation by means of air classification into protein concentrate and starch concentrate.

And AMANDUS KAHL ensures trouble-free storage and transport by pelleting and cooling the finely ground protein meal. Pelleting is necessary as the meal is so fine that it cannot be handled without prior pelleting.

  • Significantly more economical and innovative
  • Vegetable-based protein recovery instead of animal-based protein recovery
  • Opening-up of new market opportunities
  • Higher margins in the food industry can be achieved
  • High market prices can be realised with by-products such as shells
  • Storage without problems

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