- Continuous Mixer for Continuous Mixing of Bulk Products and Liquids



Our horizontal continuous mixers are high-speed agitator-blade mixers in robust design, in which mealy, granular, fibrous or flaky carrier substances are mixed with liquids free of lumps according to the whirling principle. Several bulk product flows, liquids, and steam can be added simultaneously. The throughput time and the type of whirl formation can be influenced by the adjustment of the agitator blades. Thus the mixing effect can be adapted to the product.

The case consists of a well-dimensioned welded construction and is provided with a large inspection and assembly flap. In order to avoid agglutinations, the mixing chamber lining can consist of synthetic material or stainless steel - depending on requirement. The inner jacket can be replaced through the assembly flap. Liquid addition is effected via injection devices, the design of the which depends on the type of liquids.

A strong shaft is equipped with the adjustable and easily exchangeable mixing tools made of wear-resistant special cast iron. The shaft runs in anti-friction bearings arranged outside the mixing chamber. The mixer shaft is balanced dynamically with balancing disks arranged in separate chambers. The exceptional silence in operation results from this design. Subsequent balancing can be effected locally at anytime. Between the mixing and the balancing chambers the shaft is provided with special seals.

  • For continuous mixing of compound feed with liquids and steam.
  • For mixing dried beet pulp with molasses - if necessary with synthetic lining.
  • Generally for moistening granular/ powdery products.
  • In general: for (all) mixing tasks where liquids must be added to solid matters.

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