- Extruder OEE



The extruder OEE with an exchangeable and hydraulically adjustable die is an advancement of the KAHL annular gap expander. The user-friendly and flexible plant is available in different sizes.

Many parameters can be influenced to obtain an optimum product quality:

  • Starch is modified by 90 %
  • The device can be used for feeds for all animal species
  • High water absorption capacity
  • High fat contents of up to 30 % for high energy feed are possible
  • Different product shapes are possible

Shaped Fish Feed

The KAHL extruder OEE provides fish and shrimp feed with special properties for fish farming.

  • Floating or very slowly sinking pellets for tilapia, carp, catfish
  • Slowly sinking pellets for trout, salmon, and perch
  • Water-stable pellets for crustaceans
  • Rearing feed with a granular size of 0.1 - 2 mm

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