- High-Capacity Crumblers in Modular Design



High-Capacity Crumblers in Modular Design; Due to their flat design, the KAHL crumblers can be integrated into existing plants without any problem. The modular design ensures easy roll replacement towards the front or to the side.

Our customers benefit from the advantages of a fully developed technology and solid machine construction.

  • Direct drive for each roll
  • Quiet operation
  • Continuously adjustable distance of the rolls
  • Feeding either directly by the cooler or via proportioning rolls
  • Specific adjustment of the crumble size
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Reduced wear

Advantages for Feeding
KAHL crumblers can process pellets and coarse-grained products. Crumbles have favourable properties in feeding:

  • Improved feed utilisation
  • Crumbling of products with a high fat content is possible
  • Prevention of feather picking
  • Easy product-flow in automatic feeders

  • Optimum utilization of the feedstuff by the animal
  • Prevention of feather picking
  • Easy product flow in the dry-feeder
  • Possibility of obtaining the form of crumbles, also in case of products which are difficult to pellet with high
  • energy value (fat)
  • Saving of energy by combining pelleting and crumbling
  • Specific adjustment of size of crumbles

  • Modular design
  • Direct roll drive
  • Strongly reduced noise emission
  • Distance between rolls to be adjusted and controlled continuously
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Feeding either directly by cooler or via proportioning rolls

The efficiency of our crumblers is the result of experience and solid machine construction

Construction of the crumblers
The rolls are built into a flat base frame so that the small building height permits an incorporation also into existing plants without any problem. In case of need it is possible to assemble two pairs of crumbler rolls into a double crumbler.

The construction permits to take the rolls out either towards the front or to the side. Direct drives for each roll without chains, belts, or tooth-wheels make for quiet running, reduced wear, and easy maintenance.

One roll is mounted in spring-type bearings. The adjustment of the roll distance and the spring pre-tensioning is done by screw spindles. The distance can be read from meters on both sides.

Working method
The pellets are fed continuously over the total width of the crumbler by means of the discharge device of the cooler or an additional feeding device. Fluted rolls of different speeds crush the pellets into the predetermined size. Due to the kind of the roll fluting and the different speeds only few fines are produced, which are recycled into the pelleting press after screening.

The changing of the spring pretension takes a certain influence on the granular size of the crumbled product. Furthermore one roll can avoid foreign matters which may be introduced.

The rolls are driven with varying speeds.

  1. Crumbler with one pair of rolls
  2. Double crumbler

Feeding devices
The feeding devices are equipped with a directly driven feeding roll and an adjustable feeding flap. The drive is located also either on the left or on the right as in case of the crumbler. A deviation flap makes it possible to by-pass the crumbler.

Additional equipment for adjustment and indication
The adjustment of the roll distance and the regulation of the reversing flap can be effected by the tele control. At the same time a tele-indication of the state of operation is made.

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