- Model Type WZ - Continuous Cellular Wheel Weighers



Whenever the instantaneous weight of the product flow is important, the KAHL continuous cellular wheel weighers ensure an accurate measurement and a reliable integration into the control process.

  • Weighing accuracy +/- 2 %
  • Constant cleaning by means of compressed air
  • Continuous measuring results as an analog standard signal


Three types with capacities ranging from 10 to 100 t/h and 20 - 300 m3/h are available for your application. The Kahl continuous cellular wheel weighers can be used for mealy and powdery, fibrous and structurised products.

Continuous cellular wheel weighers are used for continuous registration/ mea surement of bulk product flows of mealy, powdery, fibrous, and struc turized products. Measurement is effected with an accuracy of ± 2 %.

The output signal serves as reference signal for control loops, with which the proportioning of further product flows, such as liquids and steam, is controlled.

The capacity ranges from 10 to 100 t/h depending on the type series.

Product proportioning onto the cellular wheel is effected by means of almost pulsation-free proportioning screws. Variable-speed drives and a screw configuration adapted to the product properties serve for uniform feeding of the products. The continuous cellular wheel weigher consists of a weighing frame with removable hood and inspection flaps. A cellular wheel made of a special material serves as weighing unit.

The continuous weighers are adapted to the bulk product flows by their constant speed and the defined cell volume.

Three different types are available:

WZ III, IV, and V
with capacities of

  • 10, 16, 25, 40, 63, 100 t/h
  • 20 – 300 m3/h

Proportioning units:

  • Simplex: 200, 250, 315
  • Duplex: 150, 200, 315, 400

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