- Sleeve Machine


Crea-Tech international installed  at the Company Knud Jepsen ( Denemark) several special machines to sleeve Kalanchoe plants.
The plants had to be provide with a barcode label, which had to be printed at the same time , and the plants had to be placed in different types of trays. This was a real challenge!

Working method;

  • Plants are placed manually in a carrier disc, to prevent falling over.
  • Leaves are lifted to place label
  • Control sensor to check if label is placed.
  • Pot is placed in any type of tray, with industrial robot arm..
  • Machine can be changed, within 3 minutes, to another sleeve, or tray.
  • Max speed 1500 per hour.
  • Proven system, at this moment there 3 of this systems operating at this company.

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