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Gentle curd treatment and maximum cheese yield are far from a matter of course. The innovative Kalt Cheese Vats get the best out of every litre of milk every step of the way. Fully automated cheese vat with sophisticated cutting and stirring tool. Slow cut and stirring speeds reduce the loss of fat and fines in whey to a minimum. Highest standards of hygiene.

The high quality of a ripened cheese starts with best milk in the cheese vat itself. Kalt Cheese Vats not only set standards through the high-quality chrome steel and perfect processing in the standard Kalt finish but also convince customers around the world from an economic perspective.

The expertise at Kalt in the processing of milk into high quality cheese is based on a wealth of experience and this is also reflected in the Kalt Cheese Vats. The shape of the cheese vat and the construction and innovative design of the Kalt cutting and stirring tools have been flow optimised over the course of lengthy development and test phases so that the highest cheese yield is guaranteed.

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