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Ranging in size from 4m x 4m to 12m x 12m and constructed either from timber and steel or PE. Kames cages are supplied in kit form - easy assembly requires unskilled labour, a hammer and a spanner. These are best suited to freshwater sites or sheltered marine locations. Our square PE cages have been proven in sites with wave heights of up to 3m and are ideal for fry production or as mobile harvesting units.

The Kames Fish Cage was one of the first floating cages ever to be sold and has been used all over the world for development work and commercial production. The design has been updated strengthening the structure and improving the workability of the unit. The cage collar is manufactured from pressure treated timber held together with hot dip galvanised steel brackets and high tensile nuts and bolts. The cage is of simple construction and is easily assembled and maintained by unskilled personnel.

A Standard Cage Kit includes the following:

  • 4 Walkways, handrails and footrails;
  • 4 Mooring attachment points to allow for the cage to be attached to the mooring system.

Material Specification

Materials are supplied subject to the following technical specifications:

Timber Mixed British softwood treated under pressure at maximum retention with copper-chrome-arsenic preservative. The preservative is effective against terredo mollusc and gribble in sub-tropical waters.
Buoyancy High density blocks of expanded polystyrene. The maximum working temperature for these is 80°C.
Nets Manufactured from knotless nylon netting with machine stitched joints and corded around the top only. PF4 bitumen treated or dyed with UV light protection.
Steelwork Best quality BS 4360 Gr. 6-10mm plate, steel sections 200mm wide, 43A hot dipped galvanised to 110 microns. All bolts high tensile hot dipped spun galvanised to 110 microns.
Walkways 0.6m wide x 2 = 1.2m wide. Buoyancy continuous. When linked to other cages on central mooring 2-3.4 tonnes. Timber covering 38mm thick. Handrail supports every 1.5m with main timbers 50/100mm thick x 250mm wide.

Cages are supplied pre-fabricated and comprehensive assembly instructions are available if the services of our engineers for assembly are not required. To comply with Government safety regulations, all cages are fitted with sockets to take removable galvanised steel pole and chain fencing on outer perimeters of walkways. We can supply galvanised steel safety ladders, DTI approved lifebuoys, boat hooks and other safety equipment.

Modular Square Polyethylene Cages

For more exposed locations and a more rugged construction using the most modern maintenance free materials. Ideally suited as fry holding cages or for mobile harvest cages. This cage utilises the same compression moulded base unit as all the other PE cages that Kames manufactures, but the secret of it's strength lies in the 6-bar moulded swept bends which are used to make the corners. Unlike most other square cages on the market which utilise fabricated corners, our cage is able to withstand substantial wave climates and has been proved on one of our sites in Greece which regularly experiences 2 and 3 metre wave heights (SWH). The cage can be supplied with two or three base pipes and with full peripheral PE decking and work stations. Each handrail upright carries a heavy duty cleat to aid net working.


Any cage size can be made up to a maximum of 12m x 12m. The cage can be made as a single unit or as a module of two or more units. The more units in the module, the more cost effective they become.


This cage has to be constructed on site and so all materials will be supplied in pack form with a Kames engineer onsite to help assemble using specialised equipment.

Material Specification

All the components are made from PE80 a medium / high density virgin Polyethylene. The standard colour is black but for hot climates a light grey or yellow handrail is supplied. PE80 has been used for over 25 years to build cages and proven an extremely resilient material with a very long working life. We have some cages which are over 10 years old and still going strong.

Base Pipes 250mm diameter SDR 17.6 (6 bar) 15mm wall thickness. Resists impact and kinking.
Collar Units Solid compression moulded. Unlike rotational moulding, this gives
a unit with no hollows or air pockets in it. Kames has tested these
to destruction at 16 tonnes.
Handrail Supports 110mm diameter SDR 11 (10 bar) 11mm wall thickness.

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