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- Model 250 - Circular Fish Cages



This cage design has become the industry standard in many of the major fish farming countries. It is an extremely durable structure ideal for ongrowing in marine or freshwater sites. Ranging in size from 40m circumference to 80m, it can be supplied in a 2 or 3 ring format. Like all our PE cages, this design uses a solid compression moulded base which is the strongest design worldwide. We have never ever had a base break under normal operating conditions.

For ongrowing in fresh or saltwater in semi exposed conditions generally with a cubic capacity of between 800 and 7000 m3. We have installed this cage all over the world. It is used in the Mediterranean and the Middle East to produce Bream and Bass and other similar species, in the Far East and in Europe for Salmon and Trout.

Kames use this cage for Bream and Bass in Greece and in Scotland for Trout, Salmon and Halibut. It has proved over the years to be an exceptionally tough and versatile cage. Available in three ring and two ring versions. The three ring version gives the cage better structural qualities (hoop strength), more flotation (often needed with very deep nets or if using net support rings) and a better working platform. We recommend it for sites with a wave height not exceeding 3.5 metres SWH and currents under 1.6 knots although it has performed well on sites outwith these parameters, particularly in the three ring format. All the circular cages in this range include as standard four 2m long workstations and can also be supplied with full peripheral decking.

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