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- Model 315 - Circular Cages



Similar in design to the 250 and offering the same features of low maintenance, long working life and design strength, this cage can also be made in sizes up to 120m circumference which gives a considerable cost saving for the usable water volume. This cage has the same compression moulded base but with 315mm diameter PE80 base pipes with a wall thickness of 17mm. Suited to large scale production and exposed oceanic conditions. A new development for this cage will be the open ocean cage - due to be launched within the next 12 months - with massive 400m base units and the potential to be made in sizes up to 150m circumference

For ongrowing in exposed and offshore conditions, generally with cubic capacity from 3,000m3 to 17,000 m3. Our ocean range of circular PE cages are the latest development to allow fin fish farming to be carried out in the most exposed of locations using the largest size of units up to 120 metres in circumference and, when using a 15m deep net, enclosing a massive 17,000 cubic metres of water.

Kames have installed this model on sites with wave heights as high as 6 metres SWH in Gran Canaria and in Chile where the worst conditions can make a wave height of 4.5m and a current of 1.8 knots. However, the majority of these cages are used in more sheltered locations providing large easily worked units with a long working life while, like all our PE cages, remaining virtually maintenance free!

Like the 250 range of cages, this range is also available in two or three ring format. We recommend that the larger models (from 70m upwards) are used with a net support tube. Work stations are supplied as standard with this cage and full PE peripheral decking is also available.

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