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- Model 35 - Tonne Raft



Measuring 14m x 14.5m this raft has 160 square metres of hanging space and can hold up to 22 hanging rafters. A maximum carrying capacity of 35 to 40 tonnes is recommended. The buoyancy supplied with the raft is usually tailored to customer requirements. As with the 25 tonne raft, this model is constructed from the best quality materials and utilises the longest currently available steel beams to maximise the usage of space and minimise the cost.

This raft has three buoyancy pontoons supporting the steel joists and is assembled on site using high tensile galvanised nuts and bolts. The raft provides a safe and stable work platform which can withstand conditions in semi-sheltered sites experiencing wave heights of 1.8 metres SWH, above this and stock loss may become a problem. Other design features include; unsinkable closed cell PU filled buoyancy units, six heavy duty mooring points, emergency recovery ladder and life ring, easy transportation and assembly. The raft can easily be fitted with predator nets to prevent bird predation.

All steel to European Standard EN 10025 S275. All joists hot rolled to BS4360. Galvanising to BS729 or DIN 50976 minimum size coating of 110 microns. All fixing bolts hot dip galvanised M88 high tensile. Flotation unit cases are rotationally moulded in PE with a minimum wall thickness of 6mm and subsequently filled with a closed cell polyurethane foam.

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