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- Large Square Steel Cages



Kames’s steel cages have a track record spanning 15 years.The design has evolved over the years and now comprises two models - a light duty cage which is generally offered in sizes of 12 x 12 or 15 x 15 and a heavy duty in 20 x 20 or 25 x 25.The larger cage has 3m wide central walkways with sufficient buoyancy to enable storage of feed and equipment as well as providing a very safe and stable work platform. To date, the cages have been mostly used for ongrowing or as nursery cages in exposed or semi-exposed marine locations.

Assembled from steel platforms with rotational moulded PU foam filled flotation units, these fish cages come in two versions; for lighter duty on more sheltered waters, wave height up to 1.5 m SWH and heavy duty for more exposed locations, wave height 3m SWH. Both models employ a bushed hinge jointing system to enable the servicing of worn hinges and all the components are hot dip galvanised to BS729 to a minimum thickness of 85 microns giving a long working life. These cages provide a large stable working platform giving the farms the best possible environment in which to produce fish. This design is modular and needs to be sold in even numbers.

Kames have used this cage on their farms in Greece where it is used in the 15x15 format for producing Bream and Bass and in Scotland where the 12x12 format is used for Salmon Broodstock and the 15x15 for Salmon ongrowing.

Supplied in kit form for either the farmer to assemble ( comprehensive instructions can be supplied ) or a Kames engineer if necessary. No specialised tools are needed, only the use of a forklift or crane to move cage sections.

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