- Livestock Vaccine - Blackleg Vaccine



KARADOLL is a monovalent toxoid vaccine containing Cl. chauvoei strain which is inactivated by phenol. It also contains aluminium hydroxide as an adjuvant. Indications: KARADOLL is used to stimulate active immunity against Blackleg (Clostridium chauvoei infection) in cattle and sheep. Treatment is neither economic nor sucessfull and the vaccination is the only solution for control of the disease. Vaccination should be administered 3 to 4 weeks before risky period.

  • Composition per dose: Cl.chauvoei no 20 Pendik strain toxoid: 100% protection in guinea pigs Formaline :3.2 mg Phenol: 6.0 µl
  • Packing: 10, 20, 50 and 100 ml in glass bottles
  • Storage: Store in a cool place (2 ºC – 8 ºC). Do not freeze. Protect from light
  • Destruction conditions: All used bottles should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements of Medicinal Wastes Control Legislation.

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