- Model 600/700 - Saw Benches



Safe-to-use, easy to handle and to store after work!  Maintenance and blade's replacement fast and easy.

  • On all models the transmission occurs with long-lasting, noiseless, Poly V flat belts.
  • The anchor fulcrum of the trestle is unbreakable as it rotates on oscillating bearings.
  • The cutting blade is protected laterally with Ertalon guides.
  • The side feed guarantees stability and safety during the working phase even with heavy and hard-to-handle logs.
  • The semi-full wheels with 30 cm dia. make moving and positioning easier, also on the V.PF version for tractor.

  • EL 230 Volt with or without flywheel
  • EL 400 Volt without flywheel
  • EL 60 Hz engine (upon request)
  • V.PF for tractor with fixed PTO pump at 450 rpm and 3-point-connector

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