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Mashine to cut and raise wooden logs that have already been split (THOR patent). CUTS, RAISES and DROPS OFF all together! It drops off automatically up to a height of 1.70 m. There is NO NEED to use conveyor belts! Optionally 750 mm dia. steel or widia blade.


  • Combined with the tilting cutting trestle is a collection drawer which collects the cut-to-measure pieces.
  • The transport from the cutting receiver to the collection drawer is selected by an automatic rolling shutter.
  • The upward movement of the drawer is operated by the user, whereas the dropping-off operation is carried out automatically.
  • The capacity of the collection drawer is 25 dm3.
  • The raising and dropping off phases, as well as the return to the loading position are controlled hydraulically in less than 3 seconds per cycle.
  • The hourly production is considerable, up to 6 m³/h (watch video).
  • The cutting control of the swing tank occurs manually with a thrust (ST).
  • Ideal to cut already split logs up to a max. of 22 cm dia.

Available versions

  • V.PF = for tractor with fixed PTO pump to use with cardan shaft at 450 rpm
  • EL = 400 Volt 9 kW.

THOR advantages an dmore...

  • It is possible to work in small places (without conveyor belt).
  • Easy to move and store (small storage space required).
  • Very sturdy and stable structure with perfect design.
  • S1 class electric motors with continuous operation on all versions.
  • Magneto-thermal protections on the EL-motors with high performance.
  • Oil-cooled cast iron gear boxes.
  • Belt transmission on all models.
  • Only THOR gives top value for money!
  • Very strict quality controls; components and semi-finished products of exclusive European manufacture.
  • 35 years of THOR experience in the sector.

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